How to withdraw
As a secondary market for interest rates, Tempus never locks any yield-bearing tokens or the minted Capitals and Yields that are added to the liquidity pools on Tempus. You can withdraw your yield-bearing tokens before the maturity of the contracts.
On Tempus, users deposit yield-bearing tokens to mint an equal number of Capitals and Yields. Some of these Capitals and Yields are also staked in the liquidity pool, which gives users LP Tokens.
To withdraw all or part of your funds, users need to remove liquidity from the pool. This will give users an estimated number of Capitals and Yields that they will receive on execution.
Once done, users can either choose to click on ‘Early Redeem’ (if the number of Capital and Yield tokens they would like to withdraw are equal) or go to ‘Swap’. You can Swap the Capital and Yield tokens until they are equal in number, and then withdraw them using the Early Redeem button.
Enter the number of Capitals and Yields you wish to burn and you will get the equivalent number of the underlying yield-bearing token in your wallet.
On the basic version of Tempus, all you need to do is enter the total number of Capitals, Yields and LP Tokens you would like to withdraw from the available balance and the protocol will display the estimated number of yield-bearing tokens you will receive once you execute the contract.
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