Unlock Financial Freedom with Raft

What is Raft?

​Raft is an immutable, decentralized lending protocol that allows people to take out stablecoin loans against capital-efficient collateral. Raft's first stablecoin is called R.

What is R?

R is the first Ethereum USD stablecoin solely backed by stETH (Lido Staked Ether). R provides the most capital-efficient way to borrow using your stETH. R aims to be the stablecoin of choice within the decentralized ecosystem, with deep liquidity across many trading pairs and a stable peg.
Each R is designed to retain a value of 1 USD.
R is built on design principles introduced by LUSD, an ETH-backed radically decentralized stablecoin. R features improved capital efficiency, flexible fees, more efficient liquidations, and a more robust incentive and soft peg mechanism.
To find out more about Raft, visit the website and Raft Docs.