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Overview of the Program

The TEMP Staking Program has a 2-year duration, and it has been designed for all the 68,307,710 TEMP tokens circulating from the TEMP Public Sale in 2021.
The program has been designed to run for 2 years. Over this period, 102,461,565 RAFT rewards will be distributed to TEMP Stakers.
The reward mechanism is structured such that, for every TEMP token staked over the whole 2-year period, the staker will receive 1.5 RAFT tokens.
Rewards in the form of RAFT tokens are distributed every second to the staking contract. The longer a participant's tokens are staked, the higher the potential rewards due to the application of a staking multiplier (more details in this section).
The number of tokens earned also depends on other token holders’ participation - the fewer people that stake TEMP, the more RAFT existing stakers will receive.
Staking additional TEMP over time
Existing TEMP stakers can add additional TEMP to stake during the 24-month staking program. Each tranche of staked tokens is separate from the others, and the calculation of the staking multiplier is different for each tranche.
Claiming rewards
TEMP Stakers can claim their RAFT rewards at any point during the 24-month staking program. Claiming RAFT will not impact the multiplier on your TEMP staking position.
Unstaking and Withdrawing
TEMP Stakers who would like to unstake and withdraw their TEMP can do so at any time. However, any accumulated multiplier will be lost, and restaking will reset the multiplier.