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Tempus is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is governed by the TEMP tokenholders. As Tempus is a DAO, anybody in the Tempus community can propose changes and improvements to the Tempus protocol as well as process improvements. The main places these proposals and contributions can be made are:


The Tempus forum is a Discourse forum for Tempus governance-related discussions. Community members must register for an account in order to be able to participate. You can also log in using GitHub, Twitter, and Discord.
We welcome anybody from the DeFi community to join the conversation and contribute to helping grow the Tempus ecosystem through proposals and general discussion.


​Snapshot is a voting interface that allows users to signal their sentiment in respect of a particular proposal off-chain. Votes on Snapshot are weighted by the number of TEMP delegated to the address used to vote.
See this forum thread for further details on how the Tempus governance process works (including the entire lifecycle of a proposal). Of course, the governance process itself is also a live document that is intended to be owned, modified, and enforced by the Tempus community.