TempusPool supports two types of deposits:
  • YieldBearingToken deposit
  • BackingTokendeposit
In the case of YieldBearingToken deposits to TempusPool, TempusPool locks YieldBearingTokens in the contract. Along with locking tokens, it mints Tempus Principals and Yields in equal amounts.
In the case of BackingToken deposits to TempusPool, TempusPool will engage with the underlying protocol to deposit BackingToken to swap it for YieldBearingToken, followed by locking YieldBearingToken into the TempusPool contract.
When making a deposit, the user must specify these properties:
The number of BackingTokens or YieldBearingTokens depending on the type of deposit
Recipient of minted Principals and Yields
The amount of Principals and Yields are calculated as follows:
MintAmount=DepositTokenAmountInitialInterestRateCurrentInterestRateMintAmount = DepositTokenAmount * \frac {InitialInterestRate} {CurrentInterestRate}
Where DepositTokenAmount represents the amount of BackingTokens deposited in the case of BackingToken deposit, and represents the value of YieldBearingTokens deposited expressed in BackingTokens in the case of YieldBearingToken deposit.
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