TempusPool is the main smart contract in Tempus Protocol. It holds all locked YieldBearingToken. It is also used to mint Principals and Yields on deposits, and to burn them on redemption in exchange for YieldBearingToken.
Each pool in Tempus has certain unique properties: They are defined by:
  • the supported YieldBearingToken (such as stETH or cDai); and
  • the maturity time (such as 31 Dec 2022).
Each YieldBearingToken can have multiple pools with different maturities. Since each different YieldBearingToken stems from a different underlying protocol (such as Aave, Compound, or Lido), each underlying protocol has a separate pool implementation which implements specific methods from TempusPool for each protocol. At the moment, Tempus supports Lido, Compound, and Aave, but the Tempus team is working on adding additional integrations.
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